... Game mode on, a low delay can achieve about 40 ms, this data,lt is better than most wireless gaming headsets advertised as gaming concepts. Category: Smart Home. They sound more balanced and more detailed than the ZSN. $4.00 coupon applied at checkout. Keep in mind that both are iems, and in my opinion, soundstage and image worse than over-ear headphones, and as such are worse for gaming. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 22. You can see what products we currently have for sale. They're a bit more comfortable than typical in-ear, however, since the earbuds are somewhat bulky, they may not be the ideal choice for all listeners especially those with smaller ears. This is important for accurate placement and localization of objects, such as footsteps and instruments, in the stereo field. The KZ ZS10 headphones don't have a microphone. On the upside, you can replace the cable if it gets damaged, which makes them a lot more durable than typical in-ears, but unfortunately, they do not include an extra cable in the box like the Mee Audio M6 Pro or the Westone W40. If you want a good Bluetooth in-ear for more casual use, check out the BeatsX. They're also not as customizable as typical gaming headphones, and their relatively short audio cable won't be as convenient for gaming as the some of the wireless gaming headsets we've tested. This makes them suitable for quiet and more lively office environments, although they do not have many connection options and no mic for making calls. We purchase our own headphones and I've been using KZ ZS10 pro for around a year now, really loving those! Unfortunately, although they are decently well balanced, they do sound a bit boomy and cluttered at times due to the bump in the bass range. From China. Again # denotes the total number of drivers per both IEMs. On the upside, you can get a version of the KZ ZS10 with an in-line mic and remote, but it only has one multi-function button and no volume controls. This makes them slightly less comfortable than some of the other angled design like the Shure SE215 or the Westone W40 but still a bit better than typical in-ears. Mid-treble is a bit underemphasized and rather uneven, which makes the reproduction of sibilances (S and T sounds) a bit inconsistent. Headphones are always essential whether you talk on a phone or listening to music. Kind of expected for a set within this price range, but I guess more could have been included. The KZ also look a lot more premium than the Bose, especially for their price. On the other hand, if you’re looking for headphones that stand out, go with the KZs. Thanks very much and good luck on your search for headphones! The KZ ZS10 have a fairly comfortable in-ear fit, above-average isolation, and low leakage, which makes them suitable for most environments. Also, their sound profile follows our target curve better and will sound noticeably better in the treble range. For a wired headphone with a good in-line microphone check out the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear II, the QuietComfort 25 or the Apple EarPods. The KZ have a slightly more premium-looking design and a better-balanced sound. We are all about making the right decision when purchasing new headphones. Thanks to their low impedance and high sensitivity they do not require any amplification. IPX6 waterproof performance Bring a better experience. They also have better isolation performance. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. The Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear are a slightly better headphone overall than the KZ ZS-10. These in-ears do not leak in the bass and mid ranges, and their leakage is concentrated in the treble range. Unfortunately, their earbud design is rather bulky which may not fit as well in the ears of every listener. The KZ ZS10 have a punchy bass, a decently well-balanced mid-range and a good treble that sounds fairly detailed with instruments and vocals without sounding too sharp like some of the in-ears we've tested. The Bose have a more comfortable earbud fit, which most will prefer over the in-ear design of the KZ. The KZ ZS10 Pro arrived in a tiny cardboard box, with an image of the ZS10 Pro on the front. The buds are also angled to better fit the contours of your ears and have a detachable audio cable, which makes them a bit more durable overall. Today we have another budget IEM in our hands here at Headfonia. Kz Zs10 Pro 10 Hybrid Technology Units Headohones Hifi Monitor In Ear Earphones. This subreddit is dedicated to a community of enthusiast and newcomers. The group delay graph also shows that the entire response is well below our audibility threshold. Brand: KZ. They do not have a compatible app or software support for added customization options. Instrument separation and imaging are better on the ZSX. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds And In-Ears, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $100, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200, EarFun Air Pro True Wireless Test Results, Having trouble deciding between two headphones? Average for office use. They block a decent amount of noise passively and barely leak so you can play your music at higher volumes to mask the sounds of your environment. Feature 4: Sensitivity: 111dB. Soundstage is a wider and a bit deeper on the ZSX while height is on par. The BGVP sound quality is better, especially in the treble range. Gaming. Can I take calls on the KZ - ZS10 Pro? Their audio reproduction is more accurate, and you’ll be able to wear these headphones for a longer period of time due to their fairly comfortable design. The AS-10 also have better passive noise isolation. Above-average for neutral listening. However, their bud design is slightly bulkier than the ZSN, so if you have very small ears and usually have trouble with in-ears, the ZSN might fit you better. The KZ ZS10 are a great looking pair of wired in-ears with a decent enough performance for most use cases. They also have an angled design to better fit the contours of your ears. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. Press J to jump to the feed. The KZ ZS10 are better headphones than the KZ ZST. put them under the same test bench, The KZ ZS10 Pro is related to the original ZS10 in that it has a hybrid driver setup: it uses one dynamic driver and four balanced armatures per channel. The soundstage of the KZ ZS10 is poor. The KZ ZS10 do not have a microphone and therefore, the recording quality has not been tested. It has better soundstage and very clean highs, which i like for gaming. If the user is able to achieve a proper fit and an air-tight seal using the assortment of tips that come with the headphones, then they should be able to get consistent bass and treble delivery every time they use the headphones. The KZ ZS10 are slightly better critical listening than the Etymotic Research HF5. However, while both headphones are well-built in-ears with no in-line remotes, the better sound quality of the KZ makes them the better option, especially since they are a lot cheaper than the Shure. The sound is more resolving, the midbass body is better, the treble has more articulation and emphasis, and it sounds more transparent." In the bass range, where the rumble of airplane and bus engines sits, they achieved about 2 of isolation which is inadequate. Unfortunately, they are a little bulky, so they won't be as comfortable for all listeners. The KZ have a better sound quality, they're more comfortable, and they're a lot more durable, thanks to the good build quality and replaceable cable. Now I'd like to upgrade. Then the moondrops are a good improvement in my opinion. You can only award one per comment section. I would say for competitive gaming, tin t2’s all the way. FREE Shipping by Amazon. However, high-bass, responsible for warmth is overemphasized by more than 3dB, making the bass of these headphones a bit boomy and muddy. The KZ have a slightly more premium-looking design and a better-balanced sound. They also fit your budget nicely. They will be breathable enough for most casual activities and for running and working out. © 2021 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. The design of in-ears and earbuds is in such a way that fully bypasses the pinna and doesn't interact with it. The KZ ZS10, have a good build quality and come with a replaceable cable. The KZ ZS10 have a simple 1/8" TRS audio cable with no in-line remote or mic so they will only provide audio when connected to your phone, PC or console controllers. $22.99 to $23.99. The earbuds are a little larger than your average in-ear design so they will trap a bit more heat within the notch of your ear but it's not a very noticeable temperature increase. They have a pseudo-ear-hook design that's flexible doesn't have real rubber or plastic hooks but has a slight coating on the parts of the cables that attach to the earbuds, that you can wear behind your ears. The KZ ZS10 are stable, wired in-ear headphones. Here you can ask which headphone is better, which amp you should buy, which gear best fit your budget and anything related to headphone comparisons and purchasing. They're also decently comfortable lightweight and compact enough to carry on you at all times. headfonia They're also more portable and come with a case and more accessories than the KZ. The kz zs10 pro upgraded cable with slot protection design. They have a more comfortable fit despite their larger than average earbuds. They are slightly more comfortable, but this may vary from user to user. Unfortunately, their short audio cable won't be ideal most home theater setups. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? They score similarly in sound quality, but the TIN Audio have a slightly more balanced and even response, especially in the bass range. The KZ also have a better-balanced sound quality with a stronger bass, a better mid-range, and a more balanced treble. They also have a stable in-ear fit with a pseudo ear hook design that will prevent them from falling out of your ears even during more strenuous exercises. The treble performance of the KZ ZS10 is good. The KZs also have a model variant with an in-line remote and microphone. The isolation is better on the ZSX than on the ZS10 Pro to my ears, but ZS10 Pro are actually very close. They have a cool design that showcases the electronics inside the buds. The 1More come with a great in-line remote and have volume controls, unlike the mic version of the KZ (which should be a bit more versatile than the variant we reviewed). They also come with a case and have a slightly more compact design than the KZ ZS-10. The ZS-10's sound is more accurate, while the AS-10 has more bass and a bit more punch to it. Unfortunately, this also means that they're limited by the range of the provided cables. Alternatively you could opt for different sounds signature, somewhat less bassy. Yes, the KZ - ZS10 Pro comes with an inline microphone so that you can take calls on the go. The KZ ZS10 have a stylish-looking design that feels a lot more premium than their price range would suggest. For a rather modest price, you get a great-sounding pair of earphones with superb build quality and probably the best stock cable KZ has included so far. I personally went for the blessing 2 dusk by moondrop. Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro Review. They're also compact enough to carry around in your pocket at all times. Which sadly is a bit higher in price ($320), but the increase in performance is pretty stellar. C10: Hybrid – 4 BA + 1 DD. Unfortunately, they have no mic or in-line controls. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage at 1 foot away averages at 29dB SPL and peaks at 51dB SPL, which is about the same as the noise floor of an average office. They're compact enough to carry on you at all times and they have a stable ear-hook design which makes them a decent choice for commuting, sports, and the office. Honestly, the only resemblance the ZS10 PRO have to the original ZS10 is in the name, the specs, the package contents, and perhaps the bass quality. They come with a couple of tip sizes to help you find the right fit. The KZ, on the other hand, have a more durable build quality, thanks to the replaceable cable. More posts from the HeadphoneAdvice community. The Shure, on the other hand, have a slightly more comfortable fit and better noise isolation than the KZ. Also, the metal buds might be more durable than the transparent plastic cases of the KZs. The ZSN isn't so new by now, and yet I find it to be one of KZ's best releases so far. Like most in-ears, the KZ ZS10 are very portable headphones. KZ ZS10 Pro. In the treble range, occupied by sharp S and T sounds, they isolate by more than 32dB, which is quite good. "The KZ ZS10 Pro is a nice improvement over the original ZS10. Thanks for your submission to r/headphoneadvice. $48.99$48.99. KZ ZS10 5 Driver Hybrid Technology Earphones Black without mic UPC:737353827984; Red with mic UPC 737353827991; 1 Dynamic&4 Balanced Armature each side provide high-intensity resolution, rich sense of quality, full of vocals. Yes! This ensures a tight bass and a transparent treble reproduction. LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 12Hz, which is great, but low-bass is lacking by about 2dB.

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