microcontroller and gets back the echo, sound / 2 (1). In this paper new traffic light controller was built to optimization using the Arduino UNO microcontroller board. The adoption of technology to increase the efficiency and motivation of athletes has become one of important nowadays requirement. Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. However, less attention has been paid on the possibility of investigating the use of live traffic data to improve the accuracy of traffic management. the roads. Volume 12: 4 Issues (2021): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 11: 4 Issues (2020): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 10: 4 Issues (2019): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 9: 4 Issues (2018): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 8: 4 Issues (2017): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 7: 4 Issues (2016): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 6: 4 Issues (2015): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 5: 4 Issues (2014): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 4: 4 Issues (2013): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 3: 4 Issues (2012): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 2: 4 Issues (2011): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Volume 1: 4 Issues (2010): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order, Copyright © 1988-2021, IGI Global - All Rights Reserved, (This offer will be automatically applied upon checkout and is applicable to print & digital publications), Magableh, Aws Abed Al Raheem,et al. TRAFFIC Only 3% of the nation’s traffic signals are currently adaptive, but the number of smart signals in the U.S. has jumped from 4,500 in 2009 to 6,500 in … The first system is using a RFID, smart semaphores whereas the second system is having the application of stroboscopic effect along with stroboscope lights and sensors. The DENSITY This design involves the use of the high energy halogen incandescent lamps as complementary lightings to the normally preferred low-energy consumption LEDs in a hybrid lighting system … The research outcomes indicated that there are decent numbers of studies that have been proposed in the area of smart traffic light management. Basic concept of Smart Traffic Light Controller The Basic Model of Smart Traffic Light Controller System is shown in Fig.2. Journal of Advanced Technology & Thus, the need for the development of a microcontroller-based traffic light control system. Magableh, Aws Abed Al Raheem and Mohanad A. Almakhadmeh, Nawaf Alsrehin, and Ahmad F. Klaib. The system contains ultrasonic sensors on the side of Based Smart Traffic System with Real Time Data Analysis Using IoT,” IEEE International Conference On Current Trends toward Converging Technologies, 2018. Intelligent Transportation system (ITS) focuses on important elements such as transport management system, control and transport problems solutions. Shilpa S. Chavan, "Assessment DESIGN OF Basic concept of Smart Traffic Light Controller The Basic Model of Smart Traffic Light Controller System is shown in Fig.2. USING preferred over manual system. LIGHT Design and Implementation of User-Friendly and Low-Cost Multiple-Application System for Smart City Using Microcontrollers, Smart Traffic Light Management Systems: A Systematic Literature Review, Smart Traffic Control System Using Green Energy, Development Of A Microcontroller-Based Traffic Light System For Road Intersection Control, Environmental Effects on the Speed of Sound, Microcontroller — Controlled security door based on speech recognition, Face recognition rate using different classifier methods based on PCA, Design of Collision Detection System for Smart Car Using Li-Fi and Ultrasonic Sensor, Density Based Traffic System via IR Sensor, Electronic Voice Repetition Counter System for Arm Exercises, Smart Hunting Cage for Predatory Animals and Moving Bait for Zoology Researches ‫, Power Saver: Intelligent Streetlight Systems Using Fuzzy Logic. Road traffic jam becomes a significant issue for extremely jam-pawn ked metropolitan cities in Asian country like, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. In this paper, laser detection circuit is applied to detect target entering the cage and send signal to microcontroller to lock the two gates of the cage then send signal to alarm user. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. of the human voice to recognize the password, The With this in mind, the smart traffic light control system as part of a cyber-physical system will have an important impact on the quality of urban living in cities. Rashid Hussian," WSN Applications: New smart traffic lights will be able to automatically detect pedestrians and wait for slower people to cross using wide-angled cameras and artificial intelligence. Issue-3, July 2013. Today’s smart traffic lights feature improved technology for faster processors, increased memory and upgraded hardware. The existing traffic light system fails to deal with the increase in vehicular traffic requirements due to fixed time programming. The bold line is the average of 10 different simulations with the same traffic densities. With drastic increase in population and in order to make life more comfortable and easy automation is becoming the need of the hour. The functionality of the prototype shows that the developed system can be used for a real life traffic control at road intersection. The reliability is that the system has the ability to determine the contraction of muscle signals. The paper also compares the differences between these two methods based on some efficiency parameters using a simulator. The electromyography signal is filtered by using Arduino Shield (SHIELD-EKG-EMG). The developed traffic light control system is tested by constructing a prototype that resembles the real application. Then, for effective traffic control, the PIC is implemented via an IC programmer using a mikrobasic program written in Basic language. Failure of signals, law social control and dangerous traffic management has light emitting diode to traffic jam. Controlling the traffic lights are based on Density [48], IR sensor [49], an Arduino Uno, WSN Applications: Automated Intelligent Traffic Control System Using Sensors. of the Institute’s guidelines for ethics in research. DOI: 10.1109/EECEA.2016.7470780 Corpus ID: 17825503. The ease of the system and its independence from the computer is one of the most important standards of ease of use. Technology, 2009. Materials, Methods, and Results: This paper aims to design an intelligent traffic sensing streetlight system, which is composed of Arduino microcontrollers, infrared sensors, and light intensity detectors, and this system tends to reduce energy. The transmitter circuit will be mounted on tail lights of leading car and the receiver circuit will be mounted on the front side of car that follows. Smart traffic light control system @article{Ghazal2016SmartTL, title={Smart traffic light control system}, author={Bilal Ghazal and K. El-khatib and Khaled Chahine and Mohamad Kherfan}, journal={2016 Third International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA)}, year={2016}, … Microcontroller controls the traffic light by driver circuit using the sensor network to An overview of the available literature reveals serious shortcomings for practical applications. The SLR was intended to improve the synthesis of research by introducing a systematic process. International Smart Traffic Light Control System that works dynamically based on the concentration of vehicles in a specific region. We are very confident that our proposed systems are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective and can be easily tested and implemented on a large scale under real conditions. A low cost real time smart traffic management system has been presented in [8] using Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data [25] .It provides improved service by implementing traffic indicators to update the traffic related information at every instance of events taking place in the network. on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Then the congestion level at Traffic congestion is a major concern in many cities. This inadequacy brought about the use of discrete solid-state electronics up to the usage of a computer controlled microprocessor, but the intelligence of this method was still limited to meet the demand of modern age. The research work shows automatic control of streetlights as a result of which power is saved to an extent. A. Ms Promila Sinhmar, " INTELLIGENT studied. Failure to heed signals, poor law enforcement, and bad traffic light management are main factors that have led to traffic congestion. In proposed model the junctions are shown by letter A, B and C. To detect traffic length the Infra-Red sensors are mounted on road side at each junction. Having that in mind, the main accessible and available alternatives that could provide better management of the traffic lights is to use technological systems. The biggest factor in sports injuries and not taking advantage of the exercise is doing the exercise in wrong way and put the load on supports muscles. The tag remains inactive as long as there is a green traffic signal. They can form part of a bigger intelligent transport system . $21^{st}$ The light colors extend from the minimum up to the maximum values over these 10 simulations. automobiles on the road, which generates heavy traffic in the streets and that causes The results show that tight control of temperature and humidity must accompany the popular trend of splitting microseconds when time correcting sound systems. Principal Research Analyst Eric Woods Research Director WHITE PAPER . The traffic light system is designed using Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) 16F84A microcontroller, power section, crystal oscillator and light emitting diode (LED). A detailed analysis of the environmental effects of temperature and humidity on the speed of sound is presented. The system architecture is classified into three layers; the wireless sensor network, the localized traffic flow model policy, and the higher level coordination of the traffic lights agents. With growing cities and the increased use of vehicles for transportation purposes, there is a demand to make the traffic management in cities smarter. The control of traffic at road junction, which was done purely by human effort, proves to be inefficient owing to the increasing rate of both motorists as well as the complexity of road networks. However, less attention has been paid on the possibility of investigating the use of live traffic data to improve the accuracy of traffic management. In this paper the effects of temperature and humidity on the system were Assessment DESIGN OF INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROLLER USING EMBEDDED SYSTEM. implement a system to control opening of security door by means traffic lights and (ii) provide algorithmic solutions for the online adaptation of the decision rules’ parameters while the system is actually running to adapt parameters in dependence of the current traffic situation. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. Also the system contains switches to control the traffic light manually. Smart cameras at intersections where an accident occurs can show what’s happening as emergency vehicles race to the scene. ABSTRACT . Smart cars are modernizing the trends in traditional, To design Electronic Repetition Counter for Arm Exercises to help athletes spatially in body building sport, that count the repetition for effective contraction for the muscle in exercise set, without bothering the person who work out with focusing on counting, in addition to guarantee the correct contraction for the required muscle, Which makes it easier for athletes, coaches and, This paper presented an approach to design and implement a control scheme for hunting cages of predatory animals without hurting for scientific researchers or animals. Due to the advancement and development in the field of automation and embedded system the notion of smart car has become very popular. Traffic lights contractors are thrilled about the advances, and the time has come for everybody to come online. This research is focused on reviewing all these existing methods and studies using a systematic literature review (SLR). New graphs, tables, and equations present the findings in a more useful manner for sound reinforcement "se. Also we can indicate signal break in a particular lane. For the same, smart traffic light uses FSR [3] sensor to detect vehicle on the road and provide greenlight to only the road … In addition to adding some motivational sentences to increase the enthusiasm of the exerciser, Physical and technical aspects, as well as appearance, ease of use and reliability are important criteria in any product used by athletes. Engineering Research, The system tries to reduce traffic jams, caused by traffic lights, as possible. Consequently, this controller could save energy, particularly in the morning and evening, when the presence of ambient light is prominent. The basic functionalities of the proposed system include: 1. Failure to do so makes precise time correction a" exercise in futility. Our proposed system has seven main contributions, i.e., Smart street lights, Smart home, Bio-metric door and home security system, Intelligent traffic lights management and road security system, Private and smart parking, Intelligent accident management system and Smart information display/ notice board system. century is defined as the era of technological development. INTELLIGENT molecular weight of the gas at sea level. This paper demonstrates about a project that design a smart traffic control system based on image processing in MATLAB with GUI using GUIDE. It was programmed to read the electromyography signal, determine the proper contraction for the muscle, and play audio recorded tracks for counting, which is stored on SD card using (YS-M3 SD MP3 playback module). This paper explores the application of dynamic traffic control timings using predefined input parameters. Smart Traffic Light Management Systems: A Systematic Literature Review. Signed: _____ Date: 26 January 2017. ii . Smart traffic lights or Intelligent traffic lights are a vehicle traffic control system that combines traditional traffic lights with an array of sensors and artificial intelligence to intelligently route vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Our prototypes / products employ Arduino UNO board, Node MCU, Ultrasonic sensor, Fingerprint module, Servo motors, GSM, GPS, LEDs, Flame Sensor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module etc. intervals according to jam level are configured by microcontroller and updated Residents will be able to use traffic data to schedule the time of arrival to a destination [47]. Numerous street light systems consume a significant amount of power. Using Sensors",International Journal of Soft Every technological development needs to overcome certain obstacles and hence, in this work I have proposed a design of collision detection system for smart car using Li-Fi and ultrasonic sensor on the Arduino platform. The study achieves these aims by analyzing 78 main studies. Smart traffic control system with application of image processing techniques Abstract: In this paper we propose a method for determining traffic congestion on roads using image processing techniques and a model for controlling traffic signals based on information received from images of roads taken by video camera. The design was based on Arduino microcontroller, which is the brain of the system. Smart Traffic Light:In smart traffic light system, we propose the idea to use IoT to provide smooth motion of vehicle in transportation routes and to reduce the waiting time at the junction at each side of road by skipping unnecessary greenlight time to road when there is no traffic on it.

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